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In the town of Medina, Tobias Grenswald, proxy to an unknown benefactor, gathered seven able bodied travelers in the back room of a local tavern. He explained that he has assumed each of their various debts so that they may do a job for him, which he would pay handsomely for upon their return. After some deliberation, they reluctantly agreed, and Tobias explained the details of their mission. The details of that mission were as follows:

Six months ago, Tobias hired a group of three adventurers to seek out and find a book requested by his master. They were supposed to report back with their progress after three months, whether or not they had found the book. Six months passed with no word, so Tobias decided to have this new group travel to Albion, the last known location of the original group. Once there, the party was to find the original group, assist them in obtaining the book, and report back to Tobias in no more than three months. Tobias gave them the names of the original party, and a description of the book, and then sent them on their way.

After passing through Hazelwood Forest, the party arrived in Albion. Once there, they became embroiled in city politics in order to attempt to gain access to the library located beyond the gates to the inner city. They encountered several rival factions in the city including the watch, the mage’s guild, the thieves guild, and a strange cult. Ultimately, the party decided to work for the watch in order to gain a day pass into the city. With the day pass Amraphenen was able to enter the library and open basement’s the secret passage into the sewers to allow the rest of the party to enter. While there, the party found signs that the Book Hunters had been there, and the journal of Darius Wythers. In the journal, the party was able to learn that the last known location of the book was in a tower outside of the town of Rynurberg in the country of Thanaroth to the west. As the party was departing for Rynurberg, tensions between the factions of the city finally boiled over and martial law was declared to keep the peace.

While traveling west, the party was not able to cross the Stonefang mountains by way of Fort Azelath due to a rampaging dragon in the north. Instead the party was forced to travel under the mountains through the Necropolis of Nalbranath. While there, the party disturbed an entombed evil and narrowly escaped an army of the dead.

After emerging on the west side of Stonefang, the party arrived in the town of Rynurberg. There they found the last surviving member of the Book Hunters, Idris Rashid. He told them that they were not the only ones looking for the book. A mysterious tiefling, was also looking for the book, and was responsible for the deaths of the other two Book Hunters. Idris, then lead the party to the ruins of the tower which stored the book. Inside, they defeated the tiefling and his army of Kruthik, and retrieved the book. Idris then left the group in order to return Alira Brightheart’s corpse to her homeland.


The group has lost a couple original members and picked up a few new ones along the way. They found the book and discovered a great power within it.

But this power was underestimated. It was slowly deteriorating the one carrying it, and before too long took over the mind of one of the party, Jinlil Harno. She stole the book, obsessed with it’s secrets, and something happened.

Our heroes discovered a crater in the desert where they tracked Jinlil to, and found the book. No longer willing to give such a dangerous artifact to a complete stranger, they are now attempting to find a way to either destroy it or discover it’s secrets for themselves. They are now heading for Aldarah, with the recovered book in order to find Jinlil’s mentor and gain his aid in dealing with the book. Their saga is continued in Journey to Skull Mountain.

Search Party

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