Royalty: The history of Jeru-sahir is long and fragmented, but the important steps to the present are fairly well documented. It began, as many cities do as a trading post near the Jeru plateau. Constant attacks for this important position between the races though led the humans to build their Jeru on top of the Sahir land table giving it a single main entrance and ground superiority in skirmishes. Although its building took many years the foundations for a great city were erected some 358 years ago. Following the Great War the city began to diversify into the country’s greatest melting pot. The Royal Family of Jeru decided to split its center of town, that once housed their many estates, into an area that could be shared by representatives of the main cities in Aldara. Now the Cities Royal family is truly made up of 5 families all of different race.

The Dragonborn and Tiefling peoples have no official presence at the royal table since during the foundation of the Royal court they were so fragmented and disorganized. They have since been given Guilds of their own that hold some political sway but are limited.

The royal court is not an iron fisted dictatorship but a table of figureheads and leaders alike vying for the adoration and loyalty of their people. Due to their contributions to the city the city is now one of the most successful and thriving cities on the continent. Although it is hard to ever speak with a royal member directly, there are the Footmen.

There are elected officials to run such institutions as public image, economics, housing, public assistance, and education. The offices and headquarters for these are located in the civic center. Religion is left to the individual churches in the Pantheon.


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