City Guard

The city guard of Jeru are the elite of an expansive army, the largest in Aldarah to be exact. Comprised of many levels of warriors, wizards, and assassins the City Guard, also known as The Shield, is a diverse collection of loyal Sahirians. The Shield contains members of all races, classes, and religions. One guild hall is reserved for the goings on of the City Guard and for recruitment and training. The pride of the army lay in three divisions.

The archery 3rd division is comprised of a group of elven men and women, often referred to as the Invisible Sixty.

The infantry 1st division, the oldest and most experienced squad of hardened combat veterans serve to construct an unfaltering machine of a front line when needed.

The arcane 2nd division, known by many as The Sisters Magnus, makes up the final leg of this deadly tripod.

City Guard

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