Jinlil Harno

Aunt Jamima With Magic Missile




Jinlil was born to a quiet family who believed highly in education, and discipline. From an early age Jinlil gained a unique appreciation of rare and exotic texts, things that even avid readers would stray from… texts of a magical composition. Although her family strictly forbade reading or expressing interest in magic texts, Jinlil had a growing fascination, only fueled by her parent’s conviction to keep her from it. Jinlil’s first experience with a magic text left her a changed woman both literally and figuratively.

Jin shifted the heavy book from left to right, trying to catch the yellow glow of the candlelight just right on the hard leather binding to read the inscription. The words were as foreign as they were enchanting. She ran her fingers over the rugged cover without thinking, like a handshake with an old friend. Her short fingers still sticky with plum juice from her afternoon snack crept over the side of the cover and began to lift the door into a world of magic and excitement that would guide the rest of her life. A burst of blue light, as cold as it was bright, leapt from the pages and into the mind of the young woman. A man stood before her dressed in dark robes. Jin showed no fear though it was I f she didn’t even have control of her body, every effort to speak or move was as if something helped her change her mind.

This experienced lasted only a short while. No words were spoken during this time, but many were heard. Jinlil knew the man wanted to help her, and meant her no harm. But she did not know who he was or why his presence was so calming. From this moment on Jinlil felt a strong connection to arcane scripture and in the morning when she woke it was only her that ever noticed the small sparks of blue color that had found their way into her eyes.

( Jason, it is a result of this experience that I would like Jinlil to have a +1 to Arcana skill and a balancing -1 to passive perception rolls because of the damage to her eyes. She has not found out but the book was enchanted with the everlasting soul of an Ancient Wizard who wished to inspire those would be brave enough to open such an ominous looking arcane scripture.)

( I would also like to see maybe something in game that relates to this ancient wizard and Jinlil when she is of higher level. Some kind of closure or revelation regarding this experience)

This experience soon became a memory, then almost a dream. Years passed and Jinlil continued to grow her understanding and passion for magic. It wasn’t until she was 19 that her overbearing parents finally discovered her secret love of the arcane. The result was a bag of clothes and a few gold pieces pushed into her hands as she was pushed out the door to the only home she had known for 19 years. Years of studying and lacking social interaction made the outside world a scary place for a young woman. Still plagued by the memory of the unknown wizard, Jinlil set out on her own determined to grow her strength in the arcane skills to uncover the secrets she knew existed.

Jinlil’s journey through the lands of the east near her home brought her into contact with many different peoples, the Irda, Desert Nomads, proud Dragonborn, and many others. And then, on the eve of her 37th birthday she met a man named Drogin, a desert nomad who charmed her with his own knowledge of the arcane. For 20 days they traveled the eastern deserts meeting new people and spending long nights talking of battles long past and ancient curses. On one such night as this a small band of desert natives passed their camp. Drogin seemed very interested in one native woman in particular. And just as quickly as their relationship began it ended. Jinlil woke to the morning desert heat. Her books gone, her water pouch emptied, Jinlil was in a bad situation. She began what was to become a long, circling journey in a desperate attempt to flee the desert that Drogin had led her into.

On the dawn of her 3rd day her screaming muscles finally went numb, her legs no longer obeyed her, as she teetered on the edge of consciousness she swore she could see two large figures in the distance… then blackness.


After joining with a group in search of a book and finding it, Jinlil decides to read it. What she finds in the book is maddening. It takes all of her strength and will power to decipher the words shrouded in magic on the pages.

She is prevented from piecing the broken languages together by her new companions who urge her to resist reading this potentially dangerous book. Part of Jinlil agrees…. but then there is the voice.

It started when she first looked upon the pages of the book, the voice of a man. Calling to her, challenging her to read the pages. The voice grew stronger, and began to drive her insane with paranoia and obsession.

Jinlil tricked her companions and stole the book. She rode off into the desert with the it, in order to read the tome in piece.

The desert was just beginning to be lit by the rising sun when Jinlil began to read. In real life this took only minutes, but to Jinlil it seemed ages. The words slowly ran together to form the arcane scripture that began pouring from Jinlil’s mouth, but not in her own voice, but that of the Book.

The last conscious thought Jinlil had before the raving blackness was the book’s first line and only introduction or title….

...tune in next time to find out what the book said!

Jinlil Harno

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