Carine Rinmor

Owner of the Cracked Cup Tavern and Inn


Carine is the owner and caretaker of the Cracked Cup Tavern and Inn in Jeru-sahir. Carine grew up north of Jeru in Nillin. After 29 years of a quiet life among her people Carine met a man traveling from northern territory to Jeru-Sahir carrying exotic and beautiful trinkets.

It was not long before Dolbins frequent visits to Nillin no longer qualified as business. Carine and Dolbin settled in Doblins home town of Jeru. Carine took with her a large dowry as is custom for her people, which was used to start her own business from which Dolbin could operate and she could make her own mark on the world.

Carine is a caring wife and contributes to the greater good of Jeru by volunteering her time to the Monroe House, a home for orphaned or runaway youths in Jeru.

Carine Rinmor

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