Brenn Kosac

Captain of City Guard In Jeru-Sahir


[Picture taken prior to decapitation during sewer fight]


Brenn is a captain in the city guard of Jeru-Sahir. His Wife Jatil is a purveyor of fine jewelry and precious gems.

Raised in the streets of Jeru, Brenn was brought into a long tradition of service to the Royal Court. Brenn is a well respected man of the people and a key player in the decision making process of the city guard.

Brenn currently resides in Jeru with his wife, Jatil, and son, Kardal. Brenn was raised by a retired city guard militiaman named Ash. When Brenn was old enough to fend for himself and look out upon the horizon of his destiny without regret or trepidation, Ash left, to fulfill his own destiny… but that is another story.

Brenn Kosac

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