Mausus Miesercog

Not a Firebottom


Mausus Miesercog was born into a large family of masons and architects who over saw construction in the industrial district of the grand dwarven city of Delvireth. Though great things in architecture were expected of him due to his father’s prestige as high foreman of the district, he was never particularly talented in the family business. In order to keep up with his sibling’s natural talent, Mausus spent nearly every moment of free time during his younger years in the library studying tomes describing the great works of ancient dwarven artisans of the past so that he could try to emulate their genius in his own work. This was how Mausus first began to appreciate the great works within the library and where he met the man that would later become his mentor.

As Mausus reached adulthood it had become obvious that he was no great architect and he had become the black sheep of his family. Ostracized by his brothers for his inadequacy, he began spending more time in the library with the caretaker of that place, Odun Ralnaf, a priest of Ioun. Under Odun’s tutelage, Mausus began working at the library and eventually became a devout follower of Ioun. Things were looking up for Mausus, as he had found what he thought was his calling, but little did he know that Ioun had set his great sight upon him and desired him to rise to even greater things.

It was when Mausus was in his mid twenties that the censorship began. Conservative dwarves in the council had passed a law calling for the censorship and destruction of any ‘objectionable’ works or ‘dangerous knowledge’. Odun and Mausus were fundamentally opposed to such legislation as it was a sacred right and duty of the followers of Ioun to protect and keep all knowledge. However, since Odun was very old and Mausus was untrained in the arts of war, when the library ‘betterment’ task force arrived, they were unable to stop them from ‘cleansing’ any materials they saw as ‘undwarfsmensly’. Soon after, from the grief of having the library so violated, Odun passed away.

It was then that Mausus decided to leave Delvireth and become a wandering paladin doing Ioun’s work in the world by seeking out long forgotten dwarven knowledge and protecting it for the glory of Ioun and prosperity of all dwarfkind. So, Mausus departed to the south into the human lands known as Thanaroth. There he spent ten years traveling the country side, exploring ancient ruins, and uncovering their secrets until he happened to stumble upon a ranger fleeing a horde of kruthik just outside of the town of Rynurburg. After aiding the ranger fend off the kruthik, the local clergy demanded that the ranger was put into jail on suspicion of heresy. Believing that the ranger was innocent since he was fleeing the kruthik, Mausus volunteered to act as his advocate. Soon after a group of adventurers arrived in town looking for the ranger, so Mausus joined them in order to prove the ranger innocence. After proving the ranger’s innocence, Mausus learned that the adventurers had traveled through a grand dwarven ruin while traveling across the mountains, so Mausus asked to accompany the party on their return trip in order to see the ruins for himself. It was during their travels across the mountains the Mausus learned of the mysterious book the adventurers carried, and at that moment Mausus knew that it was no coincidence that he had met that ranger, but an act of divine providence itself. He was lead to that book so that he may help the adventurers protect it, or if need be, though the thought troubles him greatly, deal with it’s great evil.

Mausus Miesercog

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